My Simple
QR-Code Reader

Scan and read simply QRCodes.

What our users are saying.


I've used the original version and it was awesome! Now there is this new and improved version!!
I can't wait to give it a try! Also, the developer was very helpful in the past.

Drag0ndust The app looks great and now I can create my own codes directly on my device 👍

Lmtbc Easy to use, love it :)

Scan 15+ barcode type include QR Codes

Thanks to My Simple QR-Code Reader, you can and read all QRCodes. Copy the photo containing the QRCode, in the application, touch the photo icon, choose "paste from clipboard" and get the result instantly.


Get more from products barcodes

Scan and read all barcodes and discover informations about the product.

Search, copy & share

Advanced options

Share the QRcode content using email, iMessage, Facebook or Twitter and more with My Simple QR-Code Reader.


Sync with all your Apple devices

Export scans and QRCodes created history in CSV for use in other software. Start scanning in your iPhone and reopen product page or embedded URL thanks to the synchronized history with all your Apple devices * (* The Mac version requires a Mac with Apple Silicon (M1 or later), you can find the application on the Mac App Store).


Create your QRCode

You have possibility to custom simply a QR Code with the functionality creator of the app My QR-Code Reader. To further customize your QRCodes, feel free to download our QRCode generator application on the App Store.


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